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Marvel Girls by deffectx

The stance of a hero is undeniable; they stand before us in our minds both in fiction and non-fiction. For as long as we can remember t...

'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST' by Pen-Tacular-Artist

Drip. Drip...the droplets echoing through your mind, with each impact upon your eye burning more and more. You look up through the brig...

Sugar Skull Pinup by Sabtastic

As you make your way upstairs, a few thoughts go through your head. You received a note from a woman you once knew; someone you thought...

Chef in Heaven by Arichy
by Arichy

The life of a chef is much like that of an artist. The inspiration and determination to take your crafts into new and adventurous direc...

Misty Mountains by taenaron

Throughout your travels, you've encountered countless stories and myths, each one more enticing to investigate than the last. With each...

The Explorers by GrungeTV

The future; a truly illustrious and enigmatic concept that has been stuck in the minds of man for centuries. Simply the very concept of...


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Wasteland Partition by SkillZombie Phantom Moon in Twilight Sky by SkillZombie Forsaken: Collab by SkillZombie Rising Moons by SkillZombie Outpost: Desert by SkillZombie Hallowed Ground by SkillZombie


Marvel Girls by deffectx
The stance of a hero is undeniable; they stand before us in our minds both in fiction and non-fiction. For as long as we can remember they've been the the iconic characters within our imaginations. Each comic or story we read allows and permits us another glance into their worlds; their adventures and their strife. While some can lift weights beyond our comprehension, shrink and grow in size, traverse the universe without a second though and change the very fabric of our existence, in many ways we see more than that. In some ways, we see ourselves in these characters. The flickering lights of inspiration that never leave our minds and even push some of us forward to be more like these characters. While its true superpowers will more or less remain in the elusive realms of fiction, that doesn't change what defines a true hero; their character. How they use their abilities to help others, how they can overcome challenges even greater than themselves...all of the elements that make them who they are. Yet, while they may not exist, in our minds they're as clear as day. With each closed thoughts, their silhouettes dominate our subconsciousness...reminding us of why and how we can push ourselves beyond and improve what we can be. Marvel Girls, drawn by the versatile deffectx, presents us with the female might of the Avengers team, Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and The Wasp and while presenting them in a heroic light, showing them in an equally human reflection.

To begin with, the credit has to go to the lineart and detailing on the women's figures. Each and every muscle curve and shape are well accentuated without appearing unnatural or excessive; appearing with a very professional and restricted design to them. The addition of reflectivity on the clothing is a nice touch, adding an addition element of lighting depth in the piece. The subtle shadows on the characters are also very nice, building on the established lighting in the image and adding to the heroic stature of the subjects. There's a clear sharpness and attention to the design choice; focusing on maintaining a sleek but more familiar design style of the heroines costumes. The color usage is both striking and restrained, with a gentle gradient to fill the back while focus still remains on the brightened colors of the heroine's costumes. Another thing that's worth mentioning is the body language of each of the characters in the composition. From the strong and imposing confidence of Ms. Marvel; her piercing stare at would-be foes, down to the playful smile and relaxed posture of Janet Van Dyne (Wasp) and Scarlet Witch. Last but not least, including a mixture of both of these elements within She-Hulk; the triumphant stance mixed with a casual smile reflecting a less serious tone. All of this presented without having to oversex the characters to make them more appealing. Overall, there's a good balance of color symmetry and detailing in this portrait that makes this stand out quite well in the artists portfolio.

While there is quite a bit to love with this piece, I feel there are still some small places where it could improve. While there's plenty of detailing in the image and presentation, I feel the group shot could be a little more....lively. Perhaps adding to the background of where they could be standing, perhaps adding in a rooftop or standing on the remnants of a destroyed foe, as their stances and body language present the image of not only appearing triumphant, but there's a high confidence factor that could be capitalized on in this composition. Another thing could be a bit more of a contrasting touch of the shadow effects of the characters, maybe with a more dynamic light source implementing in the composition's structure; adding more to the dominating presence of the subjects. Perhaps during a revisit to this piece, you could expand on that background idea and present those images and breath in more life within it, as the current piece carries strength, but only pushes so far.

Regardless of these suggestions, there's still little that takes away from what is still a solidly presented composition. The detailing and coloring look great, the body language shows off a great deal of personality without having to over-sexualize them to bring that message across. All thanks to the power they bring to the scene...and quite a nice scene indeed. Well done!
'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST' by Pen-Tacular-Artist
Drip. Drip...the droplets echoing through your mind, with each impact upon your eye burning more and more. You look up through the bright light wondering why this is being done to you. What did you do to deserve this and why? As time goes forward, your torment continues; time dilated as much as your eyes have under each burning chemical drip. You open your mouth to plead your captives to stop; to show mercy just once so that you can have a reprieve. Alas, as you open your mouth to protest, silence is all that is heard. For a moment, you question how you got here and what steps led to this. Every so often a new test would be brought before you. Strange pastes and materials dabbed upon your lips and harsh chemicals brushed upon your cheeks. You sneeze and choke, but there's no breaks in between this torment. Your eyes cry pained tears...tears no longer blended from the chemicals upon them, but now from the sadness of being trapped; of never knowing if you'll ever be free...

....of never knowing whether or not this is something you deserve.

Suddenly the lights of the room begin to blend about you, swirling in a vortex as the world silently dims about you. In a flash your vision goes dark, before slowly returning. You see an eye that isn't your own and you back up; freed from you former shackles. But its when your eyes adjust that you understand the magnitude of what you've witnessed. You've looked upon the eyes of another, captured in such a way they feel to be undeserved. The small rabbit gazes back at you, as its silent cries cut through your mind. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, drawn by pen-tacular-artist, presents us with a visual commentary that critiques the state of animal testing; reflected through the duality between us and them.

To begin with the concept is easily one of the most striking features about this image. Each detail of the woman's face is excellently sketched. The subtle reflections upon her irises and pained tears show an excellently honed level of penmanship and artistic skill. The pained veins that are prominently featured on the right eye are an equally impressive analogue to the bloodshot appearance of a real eye. Each wisp and strand of hair is fully realized and drapes subtly over the subject's face representing the subdued and punishing atmosphere of the composition. Subtle shadows sketching on the face and background do wonders for compositional depth in the image. It's almost as if you're watching all of these events unfurl before you behind a one-way glass; feeling the crushing emotional weight from each drop, as if they too are in the same position as the subjects being feature. The rabbits secured in the background are a great display of duality; representing the helpless of the animal as they undergo each and every single test, whereas the human represents the the saddened empathy of one who knows deep down there's only so much they can do to help the creatures in need. Their pain is shared; a constant source of understanding and sympathy from her to them.

While there is quite a lot of good that's in this piece, I feel there are a few things that could be improved should there be a revisit of this image in the future. For one thing, while the subtle shadows and shading on the person are nicely implemented, I feel as though adding more emphasis on the simulated lighting could do wonders for the atmosphere. Concentrating the contrast of a brighter light source could make the image that much more crushing and oppressive. The female subject being harshly observed by a cold, unfeeling beam that pierces her eyes as well. In addition, some of the shading could be a bit more pronounced on the left side of the face, as the shadow on the nose could be a little darker and defined, bringing out that extra dimension of depth to the sketch that could really bring it up that much more.

However, even without these points, the image still stands strongly on its own. The detailing alone is a definite display of the artist's skill and each shade and powerful usage of subtle shadows combined with this detail is a definite spectacle. However, what will most likely stay within the mind of the viewer is the overall message. The knowledge that there are those that are being held against their will with no regard for their safety. At times we've observed this in many forms in our lives, personally or otherwise, but this image put that very situation right before you, engraving each and every stinging motion in your mind. With that, this piece is a testament to the artist and their dedication to their craft. Excellent work pen-tacular! :clap:
Sugar Skull Pinup by Sabtastic
As you make your way upstairs, a few thoughts go through your head. You received a note from a woman you once knew; someone you thought you'd never see again. One the note was simply a quickly written address and the short sentence, "Come and see me" directly underneath. In time, you found your way to the building and managed to bring yourself upstairs, unsure of what you expected to find when you arrived. However, once you opened the door, to say the least you were confused. You stepped within a blank apartment. It was recently repaired and painted, but there was no furniture....and few windows. What little light goes through structure lances through the windows and gives a sparse glow throughout. Just as you began to consider leaving, you hear a faint note. It's distant, but its music...coming within the building. You gather your wits and move through the building. The music carries a smooth and sweet feeling to it, its notes dripping with memories of the past and the warmth of one you once cared for. As you made it further into the building, its hallways breaking off with each turn, the music guided you through the darkness. Eventually you see a room at the end with a warm glow behind its closed door. Without hesitation, you push through the door and you stand surprised. Sitting atop a stool in the room was a gorgeous woman; one you thought you'd never see again. Her slender thighs hovering gracefully over the side of the stool, her curvaceous frame tightly adorned by a cocktail dress with a bow as red as wine. She turns to you with glowing white eyes; her face adorned with intricate shapes similar to the sugar skull clutched between her fingers. As you step through the door, your feelings of nervousness melting away, she bids you a smile as she says in an all-familiar voice, "It's been a long time, huh?" Sugar Skull Pinup, drawn by Sabtastic paints a picture reminiscent of the classic pinups with slight twist to it, reminiscent of the festivities of the Dia de los muertos that gives the piece a particular edge that's both familiar and new.

Starting off, the attention to detail is quite nice. From the shape of the woman's figure being tightly hugged by her attire to the detailing in the design of the sugar skull in her hand the penciling work is quite nice. The pastel style of color evokes the feeling of the fifties as you gaze upon the design style and the brightly colored background brings out a great contrast on the focal points on the subject's design There's definitely a good use of coloring and style that makes this a very solid piece to behold. The use of subtle shadows under her skirt and thighs are a nice touch, establishing the use of a light source without being too overbearing on the overall design presented.

Now while the pastel coloring style looks nice, some of the detailing is a bit inconsistent. The sharpness of the skull's designs and the female subject's upper body looks great, some of the color on her arms and the heels of her hoes look a bit blurry and juxtaposed to the rest of the design. Not a deal-breaker, but tightening and sharpening those elements of the design would really add that much more to the appearance of the composition. As an additional bonus, the stance of the woman and placement of the chair and lighting are screaming for an established light source in the design. Adding in a drop shadow of the character would do wonders to add more to the depth of the composition itself and add that extra dimension of detail that the drawing is begging for.

All in all, there's quite a lot to love here. Sugar Skull Pinup presents a decent throwback to the design styles prevalent in the pinup era of the 1950s and wears that badge proudly. The bold and eye-catching color scheme are definitely welcome features here and they really bring out more than enough to the viewer of the image. However, some parts of the sketch could use some sharpening as they remove some of the consistency of sharpening in the overall design. Regardless of its flaws, anyway way you look at it, its a solid piece. Good job Sabby! :clap:

I have returned....sort of

Mon May 20, 2013, 11:35 PM

Wow, I never realized just how long I had been gone. Most of my college life had kind of swept me up and I just cut ties with everything. In a sense, I sort of feel like I had abandoned one of the things that I looked forward to each and everyday with my work and designs and creations...when and if I made them. However now, I can say that I'm happy to be back. Things haven't exactly gone my way lately and some elements have made my life worse, but I'm not going to let that slow me down in life. For now, I want to start with rebuilding the connections that I had left behind, starting with DeviantArt. To say the least, its good to come back here.

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